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Artist ID: 2351

If it is possible, I wish my paintings could be clean and soft, and construct chaos with absolute order. My interest is in observing the elements that define my own identities, such as memories of trauma, unconfirmed relationships, or the doubt of beliefs. I cannot change them too much; I can only keep digging for their meaning. They are fragmented, subjective, and blurred. For me, it is a story without reading order or a removed page from a diary. In the end, these intimate emotions and things that carry memories are shredded and burning in silence, like a bright cold firework, soundlessly and forever falling down.
My purpose is to ask questions about problems, not to offer solutions. With the abstract and flat representation approach, I try to give the audience more space to think about the content, through their self-consciousness and knowledge, and even beliefs, go on to become collaborators in the production of the meaning of the work.

A visual artist
Now studying MFA at Savannah College of Art and Design and living in Georgia.

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