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Artist ID: 2349

My various painting series represents my interest in social progress through an exploration of current representations that contribute to social disparity. By probing systems of representation in both abstract and figurative paintings I makes works that employ formalist visual language, yet additionally, become opportunities for social reflection.
In the Groundwork(s ) series submitted for your consideration, I deploy the many patterns, designed for the soles of athletic shoes, left visible by our movement on ground surfaces. I record these impressions as I find them, oftentimes a chaotic mix of layered partial prints that become the basis of these abstracted compositions. I am intrigued by these surface iconographies, a residue that marks us routinely across space in time - and though prosaic, routine, and mostly overlooked - they represent vestigial configurations of our collective history.
Additionally, I am focused on how these tread patterns act as social signifiers. They are variously studied in forensic science to identify/profile a wearer as suspect. They often serve as distinguishing social and cultural markers by the preponderance of brand patterns reflecting style trends movement of particular neighborhoods. This brand(ing) of place follows our movement and conditionally holds our histories in sand, rain, snow, and mud.
Significantly, they additionally resonate with the flow of humanity as witnessed in social migrations/diasporas alluded to in these works where the patterns are interspersed amid shadows. With this series, my interest is to use the language of modern abstraction to connect metaphorically with our crossing of paths and aspirations for our collective social unity.

My recent paintings are in two directions, each linked by my use of the language of formal abstraction to convey beauty and the opportunity for reflection on significant social subjects.
Abstract pattern paintings, Groundwork(s), are composed from the residual imprints left on ground surfaces to resonate with the idea of crossing paths in a metaphor for the movement toward our collective unity.
The Body of Language series, abstract shapes, a puzzling synthesis of female bodies in iconic poses appropriated from commercial imagery, reflect their social agency evidenced by their imitation in internet 'selfies'.
I received an MFA from the University of Chicago (2004). My work has been widely exhibited and is held in private and institutional collections including the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago where I had a solo exhibition in 2008. Awards have included a fellowship from the NEA (1995), a project grant from the Illinois Arts Council (2010) and a Catwalk Residency in NY (2008). I completed a public art commission for the Chicago Transit System station (2015) including a fabrication residency in Munich, Germany. I have been represented in Chicago by Linda Warren Projects. My work has been reviewed in Wall Street International, Art LTD, New City Chicago, Time Out, The Huffington Post, The Chicago Tribune, and The Reader.
After many years in Chicago I recently left my teaching position at the School of the Art Institute, Chicago to return to Atlanta, with my husband, to focus on my work full time and live closer to family here.
Since returning I have produced new iterations of my recent bodies of work and this summer was selected for a group exhibit at Miles McEnery Gallery in NY.

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