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Artist ID: 2341

My sculptures are formed from the dust of the ground, from the clay, but without, alas, any holy breath. They are simply made with the breath of time, of many hours and an original idea that was lost well along the way, barely to be heard from again. Trial-and-error is the rule.The reward is in what happens during the trial. When the artwork tells you what it wants, your preferences be damned. The fun begins when you realize you are on the other end of the leash.
I grew up playing in creeks, chasing crawfish, digging for arrowheads and pottery shards, and playing with this miracle substance, this gray plastic clay one which one would find in the creek bends and beds. And I’m happy to be able to extend that formative education, those childhood clay adventures, through today.

I am a painter turned sculptor, a graphic designer turned fine artist, a student turned teacher, a reporter turned professor, a child turned father.

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