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Artist ID: 2339

For Candy Apple, I started with textural mark making, then covered that with colors, and using a reductive method (wiping with a paint rag), wiped out selective areas. By repeating this process, a sense of depth is provided, immersing the viewer into the painting.

In Utopia 2, s 3D sculpture/painting, the objects covered by stretched canvas provide dimension and shadows, The minimal quality of the work insists that the viewer concentrate on shape, which I consider important. The metallic paint references metal sculpture.
This piece asks the questions “What is a painting” and “What is a sculpture?”

In Blue Woman, shape is important. The piece provides a secretive and/or emotional spect with its anatomical quality, to which the viewer may ascribe various meanings. This piece asks the questions “What is a painting?” And “What is a sculpture?”

I earned a BA in Spanish and Business from University of Southern Mississippi in 1961, a BA in Art from University of Montevallo in 1982, and a BFA in Sculpture at the University of Alabama in 2004. I took an online painting course from MOMA in 2021 entitled “In the Studio: Postwar Abstract Painting.”

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