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Artist ID: 2332

Color and motion play a part in the orthogonal forms I create.  I strive to draw a reflection of the self: a single work representing thought and being.  I aim to have the viewer see themselves within the context of the painting and ascribe their own personal meaning to the shapes, voids and textures impressed upon the panel.Art has always been a major part of my life. Typically, I use painting as an escape from reality, to bend the truth, and to view and reflect on my inner self.  I am always building on the ideas and techniques I learn from exploring with new mediums and experiences.  While I taught architecture in India, I was inspired by a completely different world of colors and sounds. This experience brightened my color palette even as my compositions have evolved into structured pieces that speak to my architectural background. I am infatuated with process and color.
My creative process demands rapid decision-making. I use an accelerated medium, like spray paint, to create a backdrop whose surface I can manipulate very quickly. This way, I do not have much time to decide on what the next move should be.  It removes any possible second guessing. I then sand and carve away at the piece until I arrive at a design I am comfortable with and can relate to in some way. 
For me, what makes art most enjoyable is our ability to interpret it in many ways.  I aim to see things differently every time, and I want the viewer to see something different when they view my work too.

Chris Bergeron is an artist from Southern Louisiana with a primary background in architectural design. His artwork is currently focused in mixed media exploring color and texture. He received a Bachelor of Architecture from Louisiana State University in 2009. Since graduating, Bergeron has been active in the southern art community and shown in multiple exhibitions. Chris Bergeron is currently working as head of production at Onsite Design in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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