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Artist ID: 2328

One Line Street is a pen and ink drawing of one continuous line that never crosses its own path. The drawing is based on a mathematics problem called the "Traveling Salesman Problem." Most of my drawings are mathematically based, as I am a mathematician as well as a visual artist. This drawing, of visual artist Overstreet Ducasse, is first in the Pandemic series, which depicts ordinary people during the pandemic. Overstreet, like many visual artists, was hit hard by the recent pandemic. The T-Shirt he is wearing, "DEEPpression", represents his work as an artist. His contemplative, almost unreadable expression is a moment in time: the days following the onset of the pandemic and the early closure of his solo show at the Cummer Museum in Jacksonville.

I have maintained a visual arts studio at CoRK arts district in Jacksonville, Florida since 2013. My primary medium is pen and ink, creating drawings from one continuous line. All of my work is based on mathematics, as I am also a mathematics educator and statistician.

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