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Artist ID: 2316

It is time for a transformation, and I have decided to make that change happen. Reversing the narrative when it comes to historical paintings, I am giving the Black female figure the attention she deserves. No longer will she be placed in the back or falsely represented. Instead, placed in the center elegant as she can be, skin so vibrant that it appears to glow. To be admired and adored just as much as the white women. Whether I choose to use myself or a model as the forefront, I am reminding the world of the true beauty and importance of the Black woman.
In Manet’s Olympia painting, the Black woman is shown as a servant, this is a perfect representation of how society valued Black women. All while the white woman is in the front causally lounging making direct eye contact with her viewers. She is confident in her space, and she knows that she is the person of importance. So, I ask, what if the roles were reversed? What if the flowers the slave used to adorn her master were the flowers she used to adorn herself? To shift the narrative and explore the importance of Black woman and their importance to society. It is through the act of fertility that Black woman have birth and sustained society. Much like how flowers continue to help in the act of pollination to help maintain mother nature. I am interested in exploring the beauty, power, and fragility as they create and supply the world around us.

Tamia Spinks is an oil painter from Milan TN, currently living in Chattanooga TN. Her creative interest began as a child, and she continued to pursue her artistic journey at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. She creates large scale paintings showcasing both the beauty and aspects of Black life. Whether she includes her family, friends, or herself as the subject, her work explores her identity and her perception of what it is like to be Black in America.

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