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Artist ID: 2305

Dr. Christopher Greenman has been claying since 1983. He learned in the Leach/Japanese tradition at Pennsylvania State University under the tutelage of master potter Ken Beittel, who authored Zen and the Art of Pottery.
Dr. Greenman seeks inspiration from aesthetics of Japanese pottery and seeks to find his place in what Beittel called the "Great Tradition of pottery". He de-lights in creating forms that allow a viewer or user to re-unify with the world of nature and themselves. Dr. Greenman received his doctorate in Art Education from Penn State in 1990. After graduation he worked at the Kentucky Art and Craft Foundation as Curator of exhibitions and education. Since 1996 he has taught ceramics, art education, art history, art theory and art appreciation at Ala-bama State University in Montgomery. In 2009, he was selected as one of 10 international artists to participate in the International Workshop of the Ceramic Arts (IWCAT) in Tokoname, Japan. His work can be seen in national, regional, and local shows.
Each piece that I make is unique in design and is embraced as "one of a kind" functional stoneware. The glazes used are functional and safe for everyday use.
Christopher Greenman Artist Statement
I teach art at Alabama State University, an HBCU (Historic Black College or University). I began my journey in pottery learning under Ken Beittel, author of "Zen and the Art of Pottery." I am trying to find my way in the "Great Tradition" of pottery which reflects the world traditions of pottery. I find great inspiration from the pottery and sculptural ceramic forms that come from the East - Japan, China and Korea. I also look at the Japanese/English Mengie tradition of "folk pottery" - simple, unadorned forms made for use, made with a knowledge of try-ing to re-unifying the user with the outside world of nature.

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