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Artist ID: 2294

The work in this series represents a highly personal, mystical and visceral reaction to place, and an effort to capture a more complete memory of experience. The pieces tend to center around buildings or structures but encompass the complete environment of the area, as well as my own emotional state. I try to build a relationship with the places depicted and have spent years in some cases exploring and sketching before channeling those experiences into a spontaneous reaction which initiates the drawing. I begin the work on site, continue it in the studio, and
often revisit the area over a period of years in order to further develop the piece.

In many ways, these drawings are part of a physically active meditative process which seeks an expanded narrative of experience and which has its starting point with a structure or building. These works are an attempt to capture memory, feeling, and the subconscious conjured by place.

For me, these structures resonate with the human activities that have taken place within and around them over time, and they become the incarnation of human lives and events. When I
am moving through this extended process, my thoughts are typically concerned with the fragility of life and the magnitude of quotidian human existence that persists in the face of this.
For these reasons, I believe the work tries to encompass everything I’m encountering in a type of magical realism, capturing the seen and unseen, and creating an expanded narrative which offers a more complete vision of the experience.

Jason Guynes is a professor of art and chairperson of the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Alabama. He holds the MFA from Tulane University and the BA in Art from Belhaven College. He has had academic appointments at universities in Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Alabama and has been working in academia for thirty years, serving as a chairperson for twenty-six years. While at the University of West Alabama he founded and served as director of the UWA Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition, an ongoing national exhibition of outdoor sculpture. At the University of South Alabama, he oversaw the design and construction of a state-of-the-art glass blowing facility and program, as well as the creation of an MFA program in Creative Technologies and Practice. He served as President of SECAC, the second largest arts organization of its kind in the US, from 2014 to 2017. Guynes exhibits his work internationally in competitions, galleries, and museums, and his work has been featured in Creative Quarterly’s virtual gallery, Negative Capability Journal, and Manifest Gallery’s International Painting Annual 8. In addition to exhibitions, he has completed numerous private and public mural commissions throughout the United States with major commissions in Mesa, AZ, Joplin, MO, Philadelphia, PA, and Mobile, AL.

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