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Artist ID: 2293

Natural phenomena and interpretations of physical beauty are dominant themes of my artwork. My aim is to portray beauty revealed in the imperfect and broken, using natural elements whose life or usefulness has expired. As humans we are intrinsically drawn to common perceptions of beauty, like colorful flowers or a perfect, untarnished shell. But I look for the detritus, the the discarded, the deteriorating, the fallen. The flowers and leaves, seed pods, broken shells, insect wings and skeletal remains from my nature walks may no longer have life, but they are evidence of life, and they are beautiful. I study plant biology, mycology and fungi to incorporate imagery into my mixed media work. In my artistic processes, I combine drawing, photography, colored pencil, image transfer, embroidery and natural dyes into botanic eco printed fabric and paper to create collaged works. The botanic eco-printing methodology creates an unpredictable and imperfect chemical imprint of leaves and natural elements. The process using plants and botanicals used to transfer images to fabric or paper is unlike traditional ink printmaking. In botanical printing the actual plant itself creates the image. A chemical reaction based on the type of leaf, fabric, and mordants used ignites the transference of the imagery. This process a meaningful way for me to connect with nature and learn more about plants and their habitat. As a forager, experimenter, and mixed media artist, collecting natural materials, printing them, collaging and stitching works in paper, silk, linen and cloth becomes a meditative practice. Each piece is a surprise and results in artworks that could not be replicated in any other medium.

Bryant Galloway Whelan is Executive Director of the Eastern Shore Art Center in Fairhope, Alabama. A lifelong artist, Whelan has continued creating art throughout her 30-year professional career in advertising and nonprofit arts administration. Whelan received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Auburn University. She has received numerous awards for her work, exhibits regularly, and has works in private collections throughout the US.

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