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Artist ID: 2289

I am an artist who deeply loves the sensation of faith and spirituality when represented in artwork. Collective religious iconography and its use in modern symbolism have always drawn me in, and much of my art involves mixing the sacred with the profane. I am stirred by my daily interactions, in the way mundane moments can feel monumentally important. To me, divinity looks like a discarded item or a child questioning death. When others see my work, they can feel the weight of that moment as well, the heaviness of a universal feeling. I want my viewers to understand that this is just as important as what they can see and touch, to learn to acknowledge these types of moments in their own lives.
When I have an idea, I like to sketch it out repeatedly until it has evolved. I then experiment with mixed mediums in order to find the best method for each work. This process of creation is a way for me to articulate an abstract but overwhelming emotion, to be able to talk about it visually as image-based art through figures and symbols. Often, my art is best expressed through inks or acrylics. Gold leaf frequently makes its way into my artwork as well, to emphasize the precious or sacred. Through the process of abstraction and dense layering, a clear feeling develops. Only when I know that my work could stand in a gallery and tell its own story or myth, do I consider the piece finished.

Lindsey Hand started out as an airbrush artist for face and body painting at NFL and NHL events in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. As her art style developed, Lindsey began painting with brushes and never looked back. She is currently the owner and artist for Swirls Face Painting, a business she has maintained during multiple moves as a military spouse. Lindsey has had a passion for volunteering at creative events with military affiliated organizations, such as The Amelia Earhart Playhouse and The Warren Spouses Club Historic Homes Tours, in the United States and Germany. Currently based in Birmingham, Alabama, she is ranked as one of the top three face painters in the state.

Lindsey has also created gallery and commercial-based artwork outside of painting on the human canvas. Her work is typically created in acrylic paint or ink, with a focus on mixed media and layering to produce 3-D effects. She has been featured twice in the Laramie County Community College Student Art Exhibits at the Esther and John Clay Fine Arts Gallery and at the Halloween Art Show in Cheyenne, Wyoming. She was awarded first place in her category for The National Arts Program in Cheyenne, and her artwork has been featured in the renowned DragonCon art show and silent auction.

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