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Artist ID: 2288

Who does history include and why? What is it like to grow up and have your history unrecognized because of your gender? Female stories, women’s accomplishments, women’s place in history are often unknown and omitted from our common historical narrative. How would our lives have been different if we had grown up with a full and true accounting of our history? My mixed media pieces reflect on these issues through female portraiture using vintage photographs from the public domain. Also, text, fabric, found objects and natural materials are chosen to probe gender and injustice issues - provoking questions, illuminating and celebrating historic and bearing witness to stories untold. These materials are presented on a painted, collaged canvas in a multi-dimensional format and weave significant visual elements together to present a narrative and social commentary.

Nancy Jane Lee Jones is a mixed media artist living and working in the rural panhandle of Florida. Her work has a focus on women’s stories, that often reveal hidden histories which can provoke questions about the common historical narrative and who that history includes.Artist, environmentalist, teacher and activist, these threads are woven through her life. Early art production and gallery representation in Atlanta, Georgia evolved into a fulfilling career teaching art in the public schools. Her love of nature and desire to connect her students with the natural world led to green space conservation and the establishment of Blue Heron Nature Preserve in her school community.

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