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Artist ID: 2286

Then You'll Feel Better
I was completed by your touch, transformed from a self into a dual-self, a continuity from one body to another. The memory of touch, of scent and texture, cradled the back of my mind. But the ghost of that contact turns to acid and burns to remember. Now I recoil at the very idea of touch.

All of the memories have been swept into a black hole at the center of my mind, a question with no answer. The body I once knew so well has turned from a vivid reality into a cloud of mist, as if remembered from a dream, cold as a drowned man.

Jules Jackson is a visual storyteller whose art practice integrates painting, drawing, animation, sequential art, and film. He uses a narrative approach to explore ideas of intimacy, care, connection and detachment, the body, spirituality, and fate, within the technological framework of contemporary life.

A lifelong Tennessee resident, Jules will complete the final semester of his BFA in Painting and Drawing at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga next spring. He has also studied comics at the Sequential Artists Workshop in Gainesville, Florida.

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