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Artist ID: 2283

I love capturing the subtle and unexpected beauty of nature in my photographs using the camera from my phone. I find the world of nature photography heartwarming and a great way to take a moment, a deep breath and just enjoy the peace of my surroundings. I hope to share this love and inspire others!

Judith Newby Seay is a self-taught photographer from Dothan, Alabama. She began her photographic journey six years ago when she took several pictures of a bouquet of red tulips, she bought for her mom while undergoing physical therapy after being hospitalized. The way the light from a window in the room captured the bright red petals and vibrant green of the leaves was breathtaking and, in that moment, she began to understand the basics of a great photograph. Lighting, shadows and angles all captured on only her cell phone camera. Hence her journey and love of nature photography was born. Her father, a watercolor artist, has had a major influence on her ability to grasp the concept of how color makes an image come to life. She feels nature photography is relatable to everyone and is a way we can look outside ourselves and focus on the beauty of our natural surroundings.

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