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Artist ID: 2280

Human bodies and faces embody many deep emotions in the routine struggle in life. As an observer, when you watch daily life, you can clearly feel these emotions. I think the images I paint of the human body act as a bridge for me, a way to express to others what I feel from the people I see in daily life.
I begin my process by going out to the streets of New Orleans with my sketchbook in hand and take in my surroundings. I aim to capture the spirit of my subjects in the lively streets, cafes, bars, and other performance areas that make up the heart of the city.

My street sketches are done quickly, so the figures, and the shapes around them, are distilled and abbreviated. I value this abbreviation because it becomes the essence of a pose, mood, or character. I then take these sketches back to my studio and use them in subsequent paintings.

Emre was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1992
2015 Studied at Budapest University of Technology and Economics in Hungary
2016 Graduated from Marmara University in Econometrics in Turkey
2016 Entered Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Sculpture in Turkey
2021 Moved to New Orleans from Istanbul
The artist is working in his studio in New Orleans, Louisiana

2021 Art of the Black Experience, Ashé Cultural Arts Center, New Orleans, LA
2021 Exhibition For World Art Day with UNESCO, Istanbul, Turkey
2021 Exlibris Exhibition for Turkish National Anthem, CKSM, Istanbul, Turkey
2021 Exhibition For International Women’s Day, Dokumapark Modern Sanatlar Galerisi, Antalya, Turkey
2020 Exhibition for Turkish Republic Day, Akdeniz University, Antalya, Turkey
2020 Taksim Sanat Art Center, Istanbul, Turkey
2020 Akademililer Art Center, Istanbul, Turkey
2019 UPSD Genç Etkinlik 8, MKM Beşiktaş Çağdaş, İstanbul, Turkey
2019 100 Artists 100 Portraits, CKSM, İstanbul, Turkey
2018 Akademililer Art Center, Istanbul, Turkey
2016 Akademililer Art Center, Istanbul, Turkey
2016 Bindali Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2016 Akademililer Art Center, Istanbul, Turkey
2015 Akademililer Art Center, Istanbul, Turkey

2020 ARTANKARA / 6th Contemporary Art Fair, Ankara, Turkey
2018 ARTIST / Istanbul Art Fair, Istanbul, Turkey

2016 Bodrum Art Suites Gallery-Workshop, Turkey
2013 Portakal Çiceği International Plastic Arts Colony-Workshop, Turkey

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