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Artist ID: 2278

Embodied expression, nature's consciousness, and the transformational properties of time are overarching themes in my practice. The concept of mythic time is contemplated visually through works that combine fabricated and observed environments with mutable narratives, much like what happens in a dream state.
Mythic time is broadly defined as a perpetual present outside of the linear perception of time, an abstract awareness where everything is eternally happening all at once. This holistic perception of time reclaims principles of intuition, unity, and connection with natural cycles of transformation. Here, the forest becomes a metaphor for the imagination, with animal imagery exploring notions of collective grief, violence, and the futility of power. Artworks envisioned in this ambiguous space of mythic time can exist between conflicting states, such as informed innocence, perverse prettiness, clandestine sincerity, and contemporary nostalgia.

Lauren Woods is an artist whose practice and creative research explore the concept of mythic time. Artworks become a space to examine notions of gender, sentimentality, desire, power, beauty, death, and embodied expression. Personal myth is developed visually across various mediums such as painting, video, and dance performance. Born in Mobile, Alabama, Lauren received her MFA in painting from the New York Academy of Art after completing her BA in studio art at Spring Hill College. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Art in the Department of Art & Art History at Auburn University, where she teaches figure drawing and painting.

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