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Artist ID: 2249

Perception : awareness of the elements of environment through physical sensation : a capacity for comprehension

“When the nervous system tells you that something is ‘out there’ – such as a light – that is what you will believe, irrespective of how the signals get there” - David Eagleman, Incognito p.15

Perception, as I understand it, is our brain’s ability to make sense of the information it is given through our senses. So, what happens when that ability is altered and put into question? What do we know of other senses? What are we capable of knowing or understanding without the bias of our perception? I’m curious about these questions. I’ve been working toward creating works which question our ability to perceive.

We only exist because bacteria continued to create symbiotic relationships with other bacteria until developing biomes large enough that they became what we now refer to as alive.

There are jellyfish who can regenerate themselves indefinitely, as far as we know. If something is able to constantly recycle its life, beginning back at its physical square one, how does its perception evolve through each of these changes back and forth? What if we could know what we know and be babies again? Our senses fresh and wise?

Why even jellyfish, or us?

I wonder of time.
Do we and can we live longer through our perception of it?

Skepticism as a way of understanding.

Diane Appaix Castro is a 28-year-old French and Spanish sculptor and experiential installation artist born in Paris, France and grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts from age four. She received a BFA from The New England School of Art and Design at Suffolk University. Diane moved to New Orleans in early 2019 and is currently studying at Tulane University from which she will receive her MFA in May 2022.
Her work is strongly informed by her experience as an immigrant living at the intersection of three distinct cultures as well as philosophical concepts such as skepticism, the theory of knowledge, and magical thinking. Her work aims to push the boundaries of human understanding and question our abilities to perceive.
Her works deal with the concepts of existence, humanity, presence - finding new ways to declare how we are in the world and leaving the door for possibilities elsewhere.

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