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Artist ID: 2239

I create immersive suspended sculptures/installations to search the beauty and reasoning within this chaos and conflict-ridden world. I improvise on textile techniques such as weaving and sewing to hand-piece together hundreds of discarded objects such as hair, plastic sheets, bottles, bells, spoons, rusted nails, marshmallows and safety lenses. My materials are transformed through intensive and repeated labor on identical objects to create a large community of connected pieces. The resulting form speaks simultaneously to both individual collective identities. The tension and/or harmony between the individual object and the overall form are crucial for my work both conceptually and metaphorically. This juxtaposition implies the conflict between personal and collective, but with the possibility of reconciliation, through unification into a singular entity.
At the end, the suspended installation provides preverbal experience as the viewer’s body is immersed within the work, a space of contemplation.

Jan-Ru Wan is an American artist-educator who was born in Taipei, Taiwan. Wan repurposes found objects and innovates from traditional textile techniques directly or indirectly to address the human condition, especially of collective suffering, loss and resilience. She incorporates wildly diverse materials with layers of repetition to create immersive and empowering spaces.
A former art professor at Eastern Carolina University and NC State University, Wan has participated in numerous solo exhibitions and invitational group exhibitions throughout the world including the Asian American Arts Center (New York City) Mint Museum (Charlotte NC), FIrstInternational Biennial of Casablanca, and First “Yango'' Biennale (Kinshasa, DR Congo) Rauschenberg Gallery (Fort Myers, FL) Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Art (Kaohsiung City, Taiwan) Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, (Taipei, Taiwan) 6th International Fiber Art Biennale (Heman Art Museum, China). Wan has also been awarded artist residencies both nationally and internationally, including the Headlands Center for the Art (Sausalito, CA) and Burapa University (Conburi,Thailand) and Morocco, Artist-in-Residence Fellowship, and ​​Thamgidi Foundation (Arnhem, The Netherlands)
Wan's Work has been featured in the Surface Design Magazine, Sculpture Magazine, and the National Art Education Association Anthology: Globalization, Art, and Education. She was recognized as the Graduate of the Last Decade (GOLD) by UW, Milwaukee, and is a recipient of a North Carolina Visual Art Fellowship. Her works are currently exhibited at the Cameron Museum in Wilmington, NC.

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