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Artist ID: 2234

My portraits focus on the celebration of female beauty and emotions. In each piece I create a world where the feminine sentiment is the center. I often have eccentric elements in my works that adorn my female portraits, this symbolizes the vast ways generations have interpreted beauty and what made a woman beautiful.
My artistic process starts by researching art history such as the Byzantine era with the intricate mosaics, baroque masters such as Caravaggio and Vermeer, and symbolism masters such as Gustav Klimt with his decoration symbolism of the female form. I aspire to amalgamate elements from these historic works with the current world of haute couture fashion with its unconventional fabric, attention to details, and eccentric outfits on the female form.

The art I produce is my expression and interpretation of the past and future of the beauty of women and all the complex emotions we have. Whether the piece has a simple yet bright backdrop or an embellished golden mosaic is a determining factor for every connection I want my audience to feel.

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