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Artist ID: 2216

Cereal Aisle is a piece dedicated to the experiences of the gender-diverse community and their journey of self-love, acceptance, and formation of identity. Originally based on body tracings, each of the pieces is completely unique, expressing the wide expanse of human variation. No piece is truly finished, each one still in the process of assemblage or destruction. The formation of identity is a long process that involves many setbacks, but it is of grave importance that each person is allowed to express themselves free of judgement, in a space in which they can fully explore what parts of themselves they most connect with. However, it is important to note that no person is ever “finished”, and all humans spend their lives building and taking away in pursuit of expressing their truest selves.

Taylor Rodriguez is a South Carolina-based artist who will be relocating to upstate New York shortly after her graduation from Converse University in May of 2022. She will be graduating with a honors degree in Art Therapy, and plans to continue her career as a ceramic artist and teacher. She has displayed her work in a juried show, and is attending Converse University on an artistic merit scholarship. She specializes in ceramics and painting, exploring themes of identity formation through gender expression and social interactions.

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