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Artist ID: 2214

There are times in one’s life that are indescribable with words- moments that can only really be retold by the means of visuals. Many look back on the times where their reality felt like a fantasy, unearthly, or even shattered into pieces, and see a version of that instance that others cannot. It is in this body of work that those inner worlds are explored and captures key moments from those occurrences.
I create visual similes. Works from "And for a Second" delve into the minds of individuals who have experienced instances of deep, and/or extreme emotion, and the unique metaphors
they will then use to define how they felt- capturing moments that were so vividly imprinted in their minds and transforming them into exaggerated, fictional scenarios.

By the use of both digital and traditional mediums, the imagery from the metaphorical scenarios is summoned into our reality.
Each person individually visualizes and explicates their experience when in states of different emotions. While the conceptions may differ, the actual sense of feeling that emotion remains the same. For most, it can be the easiest to describe an experience
using idioms, similes, or metaphors, and through these works those mental images are brought to life. These works reach a broader scope of individuals as things which are exciting to view while still engulfing themselves into this other universe.

The figure, while maintaining a universal and relatively minimalist design, allows the individual to step into its shoes, and for a second they can become part of the whole.

Born in the Blue Ridge of North Carolina, Mikki Nunn is a Spartanburg based artist.
Her illustrations and ceramic work explore the unique metaphors that people use
when describing moments of intense emotion. Nunn’s work has been featured in
Overachiever Magazine, and has been exhibited in local businesses such as The Tulip
Tree and Little River Coffee Bar. She is currently attending Converse University where
she is pursuing a BFA in studio art with concentrations in digital media and ceramics.
While at Converse University she interned as the Artist in Residence for graphic
design, and worked as the on-site Ceramics Assistant . Nunn expects to graduate in
May of 2022 and plans to pursue her MFA in Graphic Design.

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