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Artist ID: 2212

The Interactive “Hidden Spirit Series” combines the past and present symbolism of China with symbolic numbers found in the Christian Bible. As China has developed, Chinese culture has transitioned from traditional religious symbolism such as flowers, circles, and numerology to include present day symbolism that reflects the digital age. Install the free Artivive App on your iPhone to bring this book to life in augmented reality.
This homage to Tesla uses infinite typography elements to randomly generate new work perpetually. Some historians believe that Nikola Tesla had ADHD and used "hyperfocus" to create many of his greatest inventions. My son recently tested high on a ADHD test and this project is meant to bring attention to all of the good that comes from those who think differently.

This is one digital project sized at 12x20 that is perpetually generating new art.

Scott Fisk is a multidisciplinary artist, graphic designer, and educator. He Chairs the Art Department at Samford University. Scott’s work has been in peer reviewed shows around the world. His work has received dozens of prestigious awards of excellence. Scott was recently awarded an Alabama State Council on the Arts Fellowship. Fellowships are grants awarded to outstanding artists from Alabama who create important works of art and make valuable contributions to the entire state. Scott served as an Army Reserve Photo-Journalist in Iraq often embedding as a combat photographer during combat operations.

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