Trees, 2020


Dimensions: 41" x 7" each (triptych)

Images courtesy of artist

Kami Watson

New Market, Alabama

A nomadic past with a focus on environmental conservation and humanitarian services has exposed me to global influences in design and culture, eclectic natural and man-made environmental aesthetics, and has fostered my desire to create functional and visual art with an ecological sensitivity.

As a second generation fiber artist, I freely explore the traditional art of wet felting, the fusing of raw fibers into a textile form with soap, water, and agitation, as well as the contemporary techniques of nuno (fabric) and laminate (multi fabric layer) felting.

I combine renewable natural fiber resources, reclaimed silk fabrics, and my own hand dyed silk fabrics and fibers to organically create each of my works of art. I allow the materials I use, and influences and experiences in my life, past and present, to guide me instinctively in color and design.