The Tree of Life, 2017

Watercolor and gouache on paper

Dimensions: 46" x 94"

Image courtesy of the artist and Momentum Gallery, Asheville, NC

Bryce Lafferty

Jacksonville, Alabama

My landscape drawings emerge as poetic expressions of my wonderment for the natural world. They are almost always based on actual places that I’ve visited and are the result of an internal processing that involves combining memories with science and philosophy. Recurring motifs, such as cutaways and concentric patterning allow me to address the landscape in a conceptual way and tell the story of its inner workings. “The Tree of Life” is a result of this magical way of thinking. They are mental images, pieced together from clues in the observable landscape and filtered through natural history. “The Tree of Life” tells the story of a westward journey from the salt flats of Utah, over the Sierra-Nevada range, and down to the pacific shoreline.