The Soloist, 2019

Trumpet, oak, microcontroller, components

Dimensions: 55" x 22" x 12"

Video and images courtesy of the artist

Lauren O’Connor-Korb

Athens, Georgia

Acknowledging that technology plays a growing role in our intimate relationships and serves as a repository for our most sensitive information, my work explores an evolving tendency to integrate ourselves (willingly and unwillingly) with machines and how this process changes the way we communicate with one another. Integrating robotics, speakers and sensors with other digital technologies, my sculptures resemble common, low-tech objects such as hat stands, exit signs and musical instruments. This method questions our entanglements with the technological “other” within the framework of shared cultural symbols. Borrowing from comedy and stage magic, my work becomes a series of sculptural test cases that play out anxieties and fears about how technological creations might render humans obsolete.