Garden (by a thread), 2020

Photographic print on aluminum, silk, viscose, cotton, polyester thread

Dimensions: 62" x 30" x 1"

Images courtesy of the artist

Heidi Carlsen-Rogers

Bella Vista, Arkansas

Hand-strung tendrils of thread cascade from my floral photographs, as if nature itself is unraveling. In my work, flowers symbolize our humanity, ideas of sacredness, resiliency & hope. This series explores the term “hanging by a thread”, implying something is in an uncertain state & not likely to survive or succeed.

As our environmental, social & political landscapes continue to divide & fray, the metaphor of a garden, idyllic & beautiful, reflects hope of an optimistic outcome, a return to connectedness & wellbeing. I combine photography with thread, marrying organic subjects with artificial processes, digital manipulation with handmade – a tension between divine and human nature.