Discarded Traditions (no. 2), 2020

Steel, Cast Glass, Pâte de verre, Paint

Dimensions: 44" x 24" x 24"

Images courtesy of the artist

Martha Underriner

DeLand, Florida www.marthaunderriner.com/

My work explores discarded culturally feminine traditions and deteriorating memories in the context of my own family. Many of the objects and imagery I use come directly from memories, family photographs, or stories that have been passed down. Kitchen equipment, wallpaper patterns, recipe cards, aprons, and sewing machines are the poetic manifestation of my heritage and the lives of the women before me. My process is an act of nostalgia; I honor the experiences and identity of women in my family as an attempt to venerate their legacy and to better understand my family history through the sentimental act of creating objects by hand.