B20: Wiregrass Biennial showcases the region’s most talented contemporary artists, illustrating the South’s rich cultural heritage. The juried exhibition encourages innovative and progressive work that utilizes a variety of art forms and media and will feature paintings, sculptures as well as mixed media, new media and installation art. This year’s show features thirty-nine artists from eleven states.

B20: Wiregrass Biennial – themed First Saturday Family Day

Welcome to another VIRTUAL First Saturday Family Day!

This month we are celebrating our biennial exhibition, “B20: Wiregrass Biennial”! This special exhibition occurs every two years and accepts submissions from artists across the South. Due to COVID 19, the exhibition is virtual this year but that means you can explore it today from the comfort of your couch!

Our first activity is a special biennial SCAVENGER HUNT! View the works in our virtual gallery and see if you can find all ten items!

Once you have completed the hunt, come back here and tell us which artwork is your favorite! We’ll select a commenter at random to receive a WMA art kit that contains 8 fun activities and the supplies needed to complete them! You can even decorate the bag the kit comes in!

ATTENTION parents and guardians: we suggest that you peruse the exhibit first and guide your children through the scavenger hunt, just in case there are works that you think are too mature for your children.

Link to exhibit here: https://wiregrassbiennial.com

Have fun and GOOD LUCK!