B20: Wiregrass Biennial showcases the region’s most talented contemporary artists, illustrating the South’s rich cultural heritage. The juried exhibition encourages innovative and progressive work that utilizes a variety of art forms and media and will feature paintings, sculptures as well as mixed media, new media and installation art. This year’s show features thirty-nine artists from eleven states.

#WMAFromHome Wednesday Art Challenge with work by Chiharu Roach

Wednesday Art Challenge: Turn Yourself into a Chiharu Roach Painting!

It’s Wacky Tactile Wednesday, and in preparation for this Saturday’s First Saturday Family Day, we look to inspiration from an artist in WMA’s biennial exhibition, Chiharu Roach. She is known for her “Tangled Hair” portraits of women, with animals and insects interwoven in the hair of the subject, and each strand of hair intricately painted with her custom tiny brushes.

Roach was born and raised in Nagoya, Japan, and uses animals to express the spiritual connection between humans and their range of behaviors and emotions. Her work symbolizes the different memories and feelings our minds create that affect our lives. She paints each hairline as a prayer for her clients, future owners, and a special friend who is not with her anymore. They are beautiful and very special pieces.

Today’s challenge: turn yourself into a Chiharu Roach painting. First, think about animals you love or identify with. Maybe they have traits or qualities that you admire? Miss Brook chose owls to honor her mother because her mom loved them; whenever she sees an owl she thinks of her mom. Take a look at Ms. Roach’s work for inspiration, too!

Next, use cardboard or cardstock and draw your favorite animals. You could also cut out photos of animals from magazines and paste onto cardboard or cardstock. Next, carefully cut out your animals and then secure them into your hair. (Use bobby pins or clips if needed.) Lastly, make sure you take a selfie or have someone take a photo of you and share with us! We LOVE to see what you create!

We can’t wait to see you online this Saturday for First Saturday Family Day! Be sure to follow the event on our page for details! (facebook.com/events/181912312916437/)

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